What does your sign say?

What Does Your Sign Say (Part 4): Attract Influential People

Relationships are the lifeblood of any business. Let’s face it, you are the CEO of this business that we will call brand YOU. As the CEO of YOU, your main responsibility is to increase revenue and grow your brand. In so doing, YOU need influential individuals that can provide brand YOU with a reliable, consistent flow of information and knowledge regarding your career, business, industry developments, and opportunities. They guide and coach YOU to develop your talents, reach your potential, improve employability, heighten consciousness and realize your ability to create wealth. Success for YOU is contingent on connecting effectively with these important and influential people, thereby providing YOU with a strong competitive advantage over your competition.

Influential individuals that possess the required credentials to get behind your brand are a high commodity and, therefore, in extreme demand. However, influential people can be found all around YOU; your employees, customers, investors, community and industry. To secure the influential individuals YOU want to attract, YOU will need stand out from the crowd. In other words, YOU have to find a way to market to the people that can best help promote your brand.

How do you determine the type of individuals YOU want to attract? What qualities do they possess? If you aren’t entirely crystal clear on who YOU want to attract, then the reality is that YOU won’t attract them.

Here are five characteristics of the type of influential people YOU want to attract:

  1. Individuals that possess more entrepreneurial, business, organizational, and career experience to help YOU circumnavigate through difficult career and business challenges.
  2. Individuals able to serve as trusted confidantes.
  3. Individuals that are relevant.
  4. Individuals that share the same vision and goals.
  5. Individuals whose principles and purpose are reflected in every interaction.

Here are six ways on how YOU attract them:

  1. Make them feel appreciated by pointing out their strengths and let them know YOU believe in them and what they’re doing.
  2. Effectively communicating your vision. Make the invisible visible through your excitement and words.
  3. Important people gravitate to people that have the same character as them. Become someone of value and others will seek YOU
  4. Be a great communicator. Your written and verbal communication skills are of paramount importance to your success since they establish how people perceive you.
  5. Having confidence can help determine how others perceive YOU. Displaying leadership skills, by inspiring and assisting others to reach their potential, helps YOU gain visibility and leads to more opportunities to attract influential people to connect with YOU.
  6. Join groups or communities that focus on the same priorities YOU are interested in. This gives YOU the advantage of immediately finding people who share your passion.

Most important of all, constantly work on growing and developing yourself. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and work on them. Read, travel, attend seminars and workshops, learn new skills, overcome bad habits. Do what it takes to attract the very people that emulate the life that you aspire to achieve.

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