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At J.A.N. Consulting Group, we understand what it’s like to be in a position where you feel like your operation just doesn’t feel as if it’s running as efficiently as it should. You may be in a constant state of wondering where you stand in terms of management and turning a profit. WE GET IT.

Each business has its own needs that must be addressed, which is why J.A.N. Consulting Group has developed several restaurant and leadership development programs. Each program can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs. To get you back on the road to success, J.A.N. Consulting Group will provide your operation with structure and systems that ACTUALLY WORK.

Personal Coaching Program

The Personal Coaching Program is three months of unlimited access to Jesse Vazquez, by e-mail, phone, etc. He can meet in person, as well, if convenient for both of you. He will help owners/operators with any issue that is affecting the performance/profitability of their restaurant. He also offers on-site coaching as well.

Five Systems Program

The key to successful restaurant operations is having the proper systems in place. J.A.N. Consulting Group will develop and implement the five key restaurant systems that will keep your operations running in the black.

One Week Intensive Program

J.A.N. Consulting Group will provide one week (or more) of extensive analysis and training. This program is personalized to cover any issues facing your restaurant. Although the program schedule is one week, the focus is on results and value, not hours spent.

Two Day Interactive Workshop

Two days of no frills, no nonsense, shoulder to shoulder intense problem solving with Jesse Vazquez.

Leadership and Influence Workshop

Today, leadership is not just a top-down idea. As a leader, you know that your success is as much a result of your team’s capacity for action as it is your knowledge and abilities. This program is focused on developing the management and interpersonal skills needed to create the high performance team you desire.

SERVSAFE® Food Safety Manager Training

The SERVSAFE® program helps prepare you for the SERVSAFE® Food Protection Manager Certification exam. This class includes the book, instructor training, application activities, SERVSAFE® exam and 5 year SERVSAFE® Manager Certification upon the successful passing of the exam.
Jesse Vazquez has over 30 years’ experience in educating and certifying restaurant operators and managers on the SERVSAFE® Food Safety Mangers Program and implementing Food Safety standards and HACCP principles in the foodservice industry.
SERVSAFE® Food Protection Manager Certification Certification classes are conducted in a one day, dynamic and energetic environment which has resulted in one of the highest passing rates in the industry.