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J.A.N. Consulting Group offers restaurant consulting start-up services aimed at getting you up and running successfully in short order. We also provide existing restaurants and foodservice organizations with an array of services designed to improve operations, sales, and profitability. Our consulting service is customized to meet your organizations particular goals and budget.

New Restaurant Start Up

J.A.N. Consulting Group can help you realize your dream of owning your own restaurant. We are committed to your success by coaching and guiding you through every aspect of the restaurant development and opening process.

Feasibility Study

As the costs of opening and running a profitable restaurant continues to skyrocket out of control, you must be assured that the operation you envision has a reasonable potential for success at a particular site. J.A.N. Consulting Group’s approach involves gathering and analyzing a vast array of crucial information to help you make a better-informed decision about the potential success of your restaurant concept.

Business Strategy

While often overlooked by restaurateurs, strategic planning is one of the most powerful business tools available to start and maintain your concept on the road to success. The foodservice industry is among the most reactive of all business sectors. This reactive approach is one of the main reasons the restaurant industry has an 80 percent bankruptcy rate, and why the average industry profit level is only five percent of gross sales.

Strategic Planning is a proactive methodology which will guide you in determining future goals and growth strategies. J.A.N. Consulting Group’s strategic planning process guides you through a variety of components, including a mission statement, external and internal environmental assessment, strategic objectives and priorities, strategic and tactical actions/initiatives, and performance analysis.

Operations Assessment

J.A.N. Consulting Group’s operation assessment examines each segment of your restaurant in an effort to identify what’s working and what’s not. Through this objective assessment of your concept, we can determine potential efficiencies, cost savings and improvements in the back of house, front of house and management procedures. We begin by thoroughly reviewing all operational materials, training documents and recipe books prior to visiting the physical restaurant location. We then spend time onsite, from pre-opening to post-closing, experiencing all day-parts. J.A.N. Consulting Group will provide you with detailed assessment of your complete concept. At its conclusion, you will receive comprehensive recommendations to improve operational excellence, food safety, product quality and guest satisfaction, with the ultimate aim of raising top-line sales and bottom-line profits.

While single-unit restaurants can benefit immensely from an expert opinion and an objective outsider’s view, it is nonetheless critical for growing concepts to establish standardized systems and processes to efficiently and sustainably grow their brand.

P&L Optimization

Unfortunately, although a restaurant may have great food and service, far too many restaurants fail because they struggle financially to provide a quality lifestyle for their owners. Knowing how to run a restaurant IS NOT ENOUGH, improving your financial skills to control cost, manage profit margins and make sound business decisions is crucial to your survivability.

J.A.N. Consulting Group will help you dramatically enhance your ability to analyze and understand what’s REALLY going on in your restaurant and how its affecting your profitability and success.

Personal & Organizational Branding

Branding is a science. Not only is branding important from an external (customer and competition) perspective, branding inside of your organization is also necessary. Aligning members of your organization with the brand and what it represents is vital to your company’s success.

Who are we?

What do we believe?

What brings us together?

What are we seeking to achieve?

When people look at us, what do they see and what do they experience?

When we are successful, what will people say about our accomplishments and the contributions we made?

Deciding issues like these is what organizational brands are about. J.A.N. Consulting Group can help you and your team work together to (1) define who they are, (2) envision a new future, and (3) make a shared future happen.

High Performance Team Coaching

High performing teams are built on a commitment to excellence, trust, and clear norms for communication. J.A.N. Consulting Group will help you build highperformance teams by coaching attitudes, behaviors, and creating a developmental cultures that enhances trust, energy, and collective problem-solving.

Food Safety Training and Implementation

Food Safety is always the prime consideration when it comes to protecting your guests and staff. However, putting an effective sanitation program in place requires more than simply washing the dishes and mopping the floor. Implementing a thorough food safety program must start with a clear understanding of the risk factors and the level of cleanliness that is needed to prevent contamination of food and equipment. Jesse Vazquez has over 30 years’ experience in educating and certifying restaurant operators and managers on the ServSafe Food Safety Managers Program and implementing Food Safety standards and HACCP principles in the foodservice industry.

ServSafe Manager’s Certification classes are conducted in a one day, dynamic and energetic environment which has resulted in one of the highest passing rates in the industry.