What does your sign say?

What Does Your Sign Say (Part 3): Credibility

Are you proud of the person YOU have become? How proud are your parents of the person YOU are today? Can people trust YOU to do the right thing? What about your children, friends, colleagues, priest or pastor? Would they say YOU were a good person? No one is perfect; regardless, can you honestly say you are proud of what your Brand, your Sign, is saying about YOU?

Merriam-Webster defines credibility as the quality or power of inspiring belief. It is fostered on trustworthiness and expertise. Hence, your Brand equity (credibility) requires your customers perceive that YOU have the ability (expertise) and commitment (trustworthiness) to deliver on what YOU promise. You can’t establish yourself as being credible if YOU do not walk your talk. Your sign must communicate to the world what sets you apart from the competition. If YOU lack credibility, YOU may never be able to get anyone, much less a team, to follow YOU. Without credibility, YOU will most probably never achieve your full potential or advance in position.
Credibility does not just appear from one day to the next. Credibility, much like respect, needs to be earned. It will take YOU time to build trust. Marketers point out that Brand credibility is the main psychological influence driving people’s buying impulse. Make sure that your sign is effectively communicating YOU’s brand and vision. If YOU are starting out in your career, YOU most likely lack the successes, validations and experience necessary to build credibility now. Regardless, even without these, confidence is a quality that will communicate volumes about YOU without ever saying a word. Be proud of your sign.
Here are six behaviors that build credibility:
1. Practice what YOU preach. Be a role model. Lead by example. Walk your talk.
2. Refine your communication skills. YOU need to effectively communicate your vision, get your audience to understand your brand message and what sets you apart from the competition
3. Keep your commitments. Failing to deliver on your word is a surefire way of destroying your credibility.
4. Never lie. If confidentiality prevents you from sharing information, it is better to just say “I can’t discuss that”. Once caught in a lie, your credibility will be questioned forever.
5. Admit your mistakes. YOU are only human and mistakes happen. Learn from them.
6. Trust yourself. There’s no one more important to trust than yourself. Build trust in yourself by breaking your habit of questioning your decisions. Next time you make a choice, stick with it. Trusting yourself is one of the most helpful things YOU can do for YOU in your life.

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