What does your sign say?

What Does Your Sign Say (Part 2): Identity

Who the heck are you? What is your brand identity? Do you even have an identity for this company that you call “YOU”? As the CEO of “YOU”, do “YOU” identify with others as competent, trustworthy, a leader? 

Your sign (Identity) can represent many things; such as, personality, character, individuality, status, and significance, to name just a few. Your identity must be able to successfully represent all of these things and more. Your identity is the persona that “YOU” portray. An effective identity can differentiate “YOU” from your competitors and propel “YOU” into a market leading position. However, this is only accomplished through the visual impact that a cohesive personal identity presents.

In psychology, personal identity refers to the qualities, beliefs, personality, looks and expressions that defines “YOU” as an individual. It is what motivates the things that “YOU” do. It is your talents, your strengths and weaknesses, your passions, and what you truly care about.

Brand identity is how others perceive “YOU”. It is the prevailing, clear, positive impression that first comes to mind whenever other people think of “YOU”. It is the visual equivalent of your relevance, competence, professionalism and trustworthiness. It is what will open doors to new opportunities. Brand identity is what will attract new customers, while making existing customers feel more satisfied. Building an effective brand identity takes hard work and continuous fine-tuning, but is necessary for the success of “YOU”.

Here are five strategies to better influence how others perceive “YOU”:

1. Look in the mirror – The first and most important step is to be blatantly honest with yourself. Who are “YOU”? What makes “YOU” different and how is it being perceived by those you meet? What do others see in your smile? Happiness or Sadness? When others look into your eyes do they seem energetic or exhausted and weary? Do they sense your confidence or insecurity?
2. Show up – Chance plays a role in finding opportunities. It’s important to be in the right place and, more importantly, at the right time. However, it’s impossible to get started without first showing up. Take a look at your own life: how are you showing up? How do you show up when you are exercising, working, engaging in relationships?
3. Be memorable – Your attitude is everything when it comes to being memorable, so make sure you get “your mind right” before “YOU” engage with others. Always, leave them wanting more.
4. Be of service to others – Help as many people as “YOU” can. Use what “YOU” do to be of service? Understand that there are more important things in life than just “YOU”. Giving beyond oneself will create the positive in “YOU”.
5. Be social savvy. “YOU” need to be there. Spend productive time on social media tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Remove whatever fear “YOU” have that is holding “YOU” back. It is time “YOU” embrace social media.
Remember, “YOU” have total control of “What Your Sign Says”. Make the changes necessary now to make sure that your sign communicates exactly what “YOU” want it to say.

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